Transforming lives with your generous support

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We’re seeking to start our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial. But we need more support than ever to get there.

As we prepare to commence our Phase II clinical trial for glioblastoma, a severe brain cancer, we need more support than ever. We’ve made it this far because of the generous support of many people. We’re grateful to every one of you, whether you’ve helped us as a donor, a patient, an attendee at one of our public events, or as a helpful hand behind the scenes.

Our donors are a vital part of our team

A significant amount of funding for our research comes through donations from people like you. We’re also supported by businesses (our corporate champions), a range of philanthropic trusts and organisations, and through grants from charities and other bodies. While the funds we’ve received so far have made a huge difference to our progress, we’ll need even more support for our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial.

The individuals, families, and others who donate to our research are a very special part of the GMRI. We value our relationships with our donors immensely.

Reaching above and beyond for significant support

The funding we need for our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial is beyond our current resources and the capacity of our regular support base. But between us and with support from other people and funding bodies, we are hopeful we can achieve a significant lift in support. And once we do, we’ll start the Phase II clinical trial, subject to necessary approvals.

Where we’ll spend the funding we receive

Subject to funding being available, we have big plans for our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial and associated research. In our glioblastoma Phase I trial we treated patients at the end-stage of their illness, when all conventional treatment options had been exhausted. For the Phase II clinical trial, we plan to test our treatment on a larger number of patients with glioblastoma.

In Phase I of our trial we recruited 18 patients who had exhausted conventional treatment options. For Phase II, we’ll need to recruit 75 patients to achieve statistical significance.

How you make a difference

By donating, you’re making a difference that’s potentially transformational to the lives of people suffering from cancer now and into the future. Through our research, we’re aiming to create a treatment that’s effective, less intrusive, more affordable, and can be delivered closer to home. 

We are deeply grateful for all donations in support of our research and cancer treatment, whether they’re small or large, regular or one-off, anonymous or recognised. All are vital and valuable to our mission.