Transforming lives for a brighter future

Cindy, Margie, and Ruth stand next to each other in front of the blue butterfly, which is the logo of the GMRI.

Our journey from research to transforming lives is a long one. Here’s the team behind the scenes who are helping to make this possible: Cindy Naresh, Margie Beattie, and Ruth Watson-Black.

Every person we’ve met through our work at the GMRI has a story. Many of their stories have become part of our quest to transform lives through pioneering future treatment for cancer. One such person is Margie Beattie, who joined the team to work closely with our supporters to tell their stories — and our story too.

Margie, one of our leading ambassadors, joined the GMRI team in 2020 as our Philanthropy Advisor, to focus on building our funding resources. Her work is supported by two key people in the team, Cindy Naresh, our Executive Assistant, and Ruth Watson-Black, our Clinical Trial Coordinator.

Margie is a valued people connector and funding problem-solver. She’s been working hard talking to individuals, families, foundations, trusts, and other potential donors throughout New Zealand and overseas. She’s spreading the word about who we are, what we do, and why we need support. Margie also works closely with many of our existing donors and supporters.

Like many people, she’s lost family members to cancers that could not be treated effectively.

Your stories contribute to our journey

Margie’s story is one example of how our supporters become our ambassadors. Some people support us through donations, while others find creative ways to share our story and inspire others to support us.

For instance, one of our newest ambassadors, Andrea Skews, approached us about generously donating a percentage of her real estate commission to the GMRI. Each time she sells a property she donates some of her commission and asks her clients if they want to support us too.

Find out how Andrea supports our work

Other ambassadors help us by organising fundraising events, gala dinners, and other events in the community and at their work. Some also become regular donors, joining others to collectively make a difference.

Your support helps us achieve many things

Each year, around $2 million is needed to cover the cost of running our laboratories to support our research programme. This covers a range of research projects, the cost of staff and students, summer studentships, publications, and maintaining our tissue bank.

Learn more about our tissue bank and how it helps our research

Every clinical trial requires considerable time and involves significant additional resources — your support enables us to continue testing the effectiveness of our new cancer treatment. We’re focusing on securing funding for our phase II glioblastoma clinical trial. We’ll cherish the day we can run more than one clinical trial at a time. Your collective help can get us there.
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Your support empowers us to extend our research and influence. We’ve furthered exciting new research projects such as glioblastoma, brain, lung, and colon organoids, and spatial transcriptomics for tongue cancer. We’ve also been working with other organisations in New Zealand and overseas, such as the School of Veterinary Science at Massey University.
Learn more about our work with Massey University

Your support can help us make the most of a unique funding opportunity

We’re very grateful for a recent substantial uplift to our funding provided by a generous trust. This trust has also offered to match each dollar we receive from future donations up to $500,000 each year for the next three years. This not only motivates us in our conversations with donors and new supporters, but also makes a significant difference to our future and, potentially, the future of our clinical trials.

If you’re considering donating to the GMRI, now may be the time to stand alongside us. We would also be very grateful if you could consider making your gift a regular donation for at least three years, to make the most of this unique opportunity.

You’re helping us transform lives and give hope

Our supporters aren’t just enabling us to give hope to people affected by cancer. By funding our pioneering research into future cancer treatments you’re also helping us change how cancer is treated. Your generosity underlies all our work, especially as we continue to seek support from the Government and its agencies.  

How you can connect with us

If you’re interested in discussing supporting the GMRI in any way, please contact Margie on 021 457 281 or at