The GMRI At A Glance

Dr Swee Tan heads the GMRI’s world-class research team, whose work may lead to a paradigm shift in the way numerous diseases, including cancer, fibrotic conditions and vascular birthmarks, are treated. The GMRI’s research may also result in seminal developments in regenerative medicine.

The team at the GMRI is internationally recognised for their ground-breaking work.

A number of highly regarded experts and organisations in the international medical research community understand the immense potential of the discoveries of Dr Tan’s team, and their implication for the treatment of cancer. Their research is novel and has the potential to revolutionise the understanding and treatment of cancer and other diseases.


The senior members of the GMRI team are:


Executive Director

  • 29 honours/awards
  • 21 prizes awarded at medical and scientific conferences
  • 145 publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters
  • 6 international patents filed
  • Editor of 5 international medical and scientific journals
  • Reviewer of 30 international medical and scientific journals
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Dr Paul Davis BSc (Hons), PhD, FICA
Senior Research Fellow

  • Formerly a Fulbright Fellow
  • Proven track record of commercialising medical research
  • 7 prizes awarded at medical and scientific conferences
  • 95 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 6 book chapters
  • 16 patents filed with 6 commercialised
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The successes and reputation of the team are attracting leading medical and science graduates and post-graduates from New Zealand and around the world to join the GMRI.


Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals,
Book Chapters and Theses

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Strong networks

The GMRI is aligned with:

  • University of Otago
  • Capital & Coast DHB
  • Hutt Valley DHB
  • Wairarapa DHB


International recognition

  • The John Mulliken Prize, the IPRAS Prize, the Emmet Prize, the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia Conference Education Award, and the Australian and New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society Research Foundation Prize
  • 28 honours/awards and 20 prizes for biomedical research
  • Conducted the world’s first clinical trial on drug therapy for strawberry birthmark based on their discoveries
  • Published 6 book chapters including an invitation to contribute a chapter to the world’s leading textbook on angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in 2014
  • Published over 130 articles in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, 5 of which were featured on front covers
  • Over 350 presentations at national and international medical and science conferences
  • Filed 5 international patents