Stepping down, but definitely not out


Dr Paul Davis

“The aim from my very first meeting with Swee 16 years ago was to set up a research institute. There have been highs and lows along the way, but we’ve finally achieved what we set out to do.”

So says Dr Paul Davis, who is stepping down as the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) after filling the acting role for two years.
“I took the role to get the GMRI up and running and fully functional in our new premises and despite the usual teething problems I think we’ve got there.”

Dr Davis has been succeeded as CSO by Dr Tinte Itinteang (see story ‘Life would be dull without a challenge!’). “I feel I can now step back a bit knowing the reins are in Tinte’s excellent hands.”
Dr Davis was appointed acting CSO to set up the GMRI in its new premises, and to ensure research – and results – could continue as quickly as possible.  He accepted the role when he retired from his position at the University of Otago.
Although he is “downsizing,” he says, to work part-time as a Senior Research Fellow, he remains a GMRI Board member.
In that role, he will continue to oversee the GMRI’s strategic research approach.  He will also mentor Tinte in his new role while he settles into the position.
Dr Davis says he is looking forward to supporting the GMRI’s development over the next few years.
“The next challenge for the GMRI is to expand the range of our activities and staff. This will help us extend our fundamental research goals and lead the way in the future treatment of cancer and other medical conditions.”
And as for Dr Davis’s future – does he see himself retiring from biomedical research, after a 46 year career?
“Well, my role will probably diminish, but I’ll always have a deep interest in it,” he says.
“It’s part of my life, and that won’t change.”