Roger Donaldson to direct movie about Sir Archibald McIndoe

Roger Donaldson

The Guinea Pig Club director, Roger Donaldson

The life and work of pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe is to be made into a movie.

The movie is to be called The Guinea Pig Club, according to screen writer Mike Riddell, who is associated with the film’s production.

It will be directed by New Zealander Roger Donaldson, and will feature a high profile international cast.

The movie will depict Sir Archibald’s work during World War II and will also feature Sir Harold Gillies.  Sir Harold Gillies and Sir Archibald McIndoe are the pioneering plastic surgeons after whom the GMRI is named.

Mike Riddell says the film’s title is taken from the description that McIndoe’s patients applied to themselves.

“McIndoe was a hugely charismatic figure who was loved by the men he treated,” Mike says.

“Certainly he made a huge difference to those men physically, but equally as important was the psychological support he gave them. He inspired them to live again.”

An independent production, the movie has the support of the New Zealand Film Commission and New Zealand On Air.

It has been eight years in the planning and Mike hopes it will officially get the green light to proceed in the next few months.