Our phase I glioblastoma clinical trial is completed — let’s start our phase II clinical trial!

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Our phase II glioblastoma clinical trial will recruit 75 New Zealanders.

We’ve now received approval from the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Trials and the Health and Disability Ethics Committee to begin a phase II glioblastoma clinical trial. Now we need the funding to begin the trial.

Our phase II clinical trial will treat 75 New Zealanders affected by glioblastoma, and will take four years to complete.

Our mission is to reduce the human and financial cost of cancer and improve treatment outcomes. Results of our phase I glioblastoma clinical trial show our treatment is safe and well tolerated, and may extend the life expectancy of patients with glioblastoma.

In the phase II clinical trial, we will start our new cancer treatment earlier after diagnosis, instead of after the cancer has relapsed following conventional treatment. It will allow us to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

The GMRI treatment consists of a combination of commonly prescribed low-cost, off-patent, oral medications. These medications modulate the renin-angiotensin system expressed by cancer stem cells in glioblastoma.

Once funding is secured, we can begin!

Our phase II glioblastoma clinical trial will cost $4.8 million over four years. We’ve secured the necessary approvals, and can begin the trial as soon as funding is secured.

We want to set up a separate fund to assist with the travel costs of patients in the phase II clinical trial

Many of our patients will likely need to travel long distances to attend clinic appointments for the clinical trial. Some patients may need to stay overnight. We’re seeking to set up a separate fund to help participants who need financial support.

How you can help

If you’re interested in discussing the above, please contact Margie Beattie:
021 457 281 or margie.beattie@gmri.org.nz

You can also donate to the GMRI

We’re thankful to every person, family, trust, and organisation who has helped us on our journey. We still have a long path to travel, which is only possible with the continuing support of donors.