Meet Peter Besseling and Carol Law, two of our amazing fundraisers

Peter Besseling has been travelling around New Zealand for the last 3 months in a campervan in support of the GMRI.

We’re always very grateful to everyone who supports and helps us in word and deed. Our biggest thanks go to the people who raise support for us with their dedication and philanthropic kindness. For example, Peter Besseling, who’s been road-tripping in a campervan covered in our paua-butterfly, spreading the word about the work of the GMRI. Or Carol Law, who’s organised fundraising events for us at the grass-roots level for the last 10 years.

Peter has just finished his 3-month road trip
Peter has taken his campervan through over 40 destinations around New Zealand. He’s talked to people all over the country about the GMRI and what we want to achieve for cancer treatment.
The idea for the road trip came after Peter’s wife died from terminal cancer in 2017. Before Lyn died, Peter came to us wanting to contribute, and started giving funds to Lab53 in her honour. Lab53 isn’t a physical part of the GMRI, but instead pays tribute to his wife — who had the initials ‘L.A.B.’ and was born in 1953. On his trip, Peter has asked the people he meets to donate to Lab53.
On his travels, he’s told his story to the people he meets and encouraged them to make wiser food choices. ‘I’m not here to change them,’ he says. ‘I’m just asking them to give some consideration.’
Peter’s looking forward to reflecting on his road trip when he goes to Europe to visit family and friends. But for him, ‘these last 3 months have been an utter pleasure.’


Carol works with family and friends to make events happen
When Carol Law began fundraising for the GMRI she invited family and friends to a dinner at her home in Seatoun, Wellington. People loved hearing about what Swee was doing. As interest grew, she started organising morning teas for the wider community, holding them at the Seatoun Bowling Club. She’s also helped organise raffles with prizes made up of items donated by local stores and members of the community.

The morning tea in October 2018 held at the Seatoun Bowling Club to fundraise for the GMRI — organised by Carol.

The morning teas have proven very popular, with one of them raising $5,000.
People show their appreciation of the GMRI in many ways. At the last morning tea, someone brought pictures of their granddaughter, who Swee had helped. And recently, someone passing Carol on the street asked her when the next one will be.
For Carol, the personal highlight has been a gala dinner that raised over $80,000. She worked with Ann-Louise Gower, Judith Langridge, and Julie Anne Scott to make this such a great event.
‘The fundraising events have all been a team effort of friends and family,’ Carol said. ‘Their success is due to peoples’ generosity and time given, and without that, it wouldn’t be such a terrific occasion.’

Even in times of grief, Carol and her family have thought of others. When Carol’s father passed away her mother decided the family didn’t need flowers. Instead, they asked people to donate to the GMRI in lieu of flowers, raising $7,000.


How to donate
We’re always looking for philanthropic, corporate, and other donations so we can continue our important work. You can make one-off or regular donations, or you could even consider making us a beneficiary of your estate or family trust.


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