Lions Club to fund raise for the GMRI

Johnsonville Lions Club member and former president, Jim Ng

Johnsonville Lions Club member and former president, Jim Ng

The Johnsonville Lions Club has selected the GMRI as the focus for the Club’s 2015 fund raising campaign.

Club member and former president, Jim Ng, says the Club undertakes year-long funding campaigns for ‘worthy causes’.

“The GMRI certainly falls into that category,” Jim says.

“They are doing things totally differently and they deserve our support.”

The Club selected the GMRI after visiting the facility in Newtown late last year and receiving a presentation from Dr Tan.

“Our members get a lot of satisfaction from raising money for organisations that make a difference,” Jim says.

The Club hopes to raise $15,000 – $20,000 during 2015 and 2016, money that will support the GMRI’s ‘paradigm shifting’ research into cancer based on their concept of cancer stems cells.

As part of the Club’s activities, it hopes to host a public seminar at which Dr Tan will present his internationally-acclaimed work.

“Cancer is something that affects almost all New Zealanders, either directly or because we know someone who has it,” Jim says.

“We see a public seminar at which Swee discusses his team’s theories on how to cure cancer as being something that would appeal to lots of people and which will be a key aspect of our fund raising campaign.”

Along with other Lions Clubs, Jim and his Johnsonville colleagues have previously raised over $1 million for Ronald McDonald House.

“The more we can raise the profile of the GMRI and the good work it does for the community, the more money we can raise,” Jim says.

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