Life would be dull without a challenge!


Dr Tinte Itinteang

Life would definitely be dull without a challenge, says the newly appointed Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the GMRI, Dr Tinte Itinteang.
Dr Itinteang has taken on the CSO role, succeeding Dr Paul Davis, who has stepped down from the acting role, but still remains active in the GMRI as a Senior Research Fellow. He also remains on the Board. (See story ‘Stepping down, but definitely not out’).
Promoted from being a Senior Research Fellow at the GMRI, Dr Itinteang says he is honoured to accept the position, despite being taken by surprise that the opportunity arose so quickly.
“Leading the research direction of the GMRI is very exciting, and we’re so fortunate to have an amazing core of staff – the support really flows from top to bottom,” he says.
“I’m always aiming to progress my career, and I’m looking forward to the extra responsibilities as CSO – it adds another level of enjoyment and satisfaction to my work.”
Dr Itinteang views the road ahead for the GMRI as being a very exciting one.
“We’re still so young, and we’ve got lots of goals to achieve as we establish ourselves locally, nationally and internationally.
“We want to make ourselves relevant to the wider research community, but more importantly, to patients who donate their tissue, with the aim that we develop positive outcomes for their conditions with improved treatment options.”
Dr Itinteang sees ongoing and expanding collaborations with other organisations and research groups as being key to the GMRI’s expanding success.
“Working together with these parties allows important information to be shared, increasing the GMRI’s standing and credibility, which in turn attracts leading students and graduates – it’s a self-sustaining cycle,” he says.
“The more we can do this, the smoother the journey towards translating our research into better bedside treatment for patients.”
Dr Itinteang says he welcomes the hurdles that lie ahead, both for himself and his colleagues at the GMRI.
“Challenges remain – and they always will – but I’m confident they’ll be overcome, and the GMRI will be the better for it.
“And anyway – life would be dull without a challenge.”