It’s little wonder the GMRI takes a radically different approach

By NZ First Health Spokesperson, Barbara Stewart, MP

Barbara Stewart NZ First Party and Phillip Wakefield at GMRI Oct 2015 ph...

From left: GMRI Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Tinte Itinteang, GMRI Senior Research Fellow, Dr Paul Davis, Advisor to Barbara Stewart MP, Philip Wakefield, NZ First Health Spokesperson, Barbara Stewart MP, Dr Swee Tan, and GMRI Board Chair, Paul Baines

I would first like to thank Dr Swee Tan and his team at the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute for inviting me to visit their fantastic facility to learn more about their exciting new research into cancer and other diseases. 

The GMRI’s team’s philosophy on health research is that the only way to find a solution to a problem is to first seek to identify and understand the cause. With this approach underpinning their work and based on the GMRI’s groundbreaking research into strawberry birthmarks, it is little wonder the team has taken a radically different approach by focussing on stem cell research as the key to battle cancer.

While visiting I was fortunate to be shown around the GMRI’s Newtown laboratories and to see in person how the team is developing their stem cell research, including how new technology is helping to enable major advancements in their findings.

Ably led by Dr Tan, the GMRI is a wonderful example of a small group of very commendable New Zealanders working towards an exciting goal. I wish them all the best in achieving their aspirations and would encourage all New Zealanders to support this most worthwhile charity because the research they are conducting today will no doubt be helping many people for years to come.