GMRI Guardians

Helen Miller – Our first GMRI Guardian

Helen (third from the left) at GMRI ambassadors and guardians afternoon tea.

I’m Helen Miller, 84 years old, & I live in an independent apartment in a retirement village.

My first contact with Gillies McIndoe Research Institute was a few years ago while I was caregiver for my younger sister & only sibling, Rae, who had suffered a major stroke. I realised that I would need to update my Will etc & I wanted to include a medical research organisation as a beneficiary but knew almost nothing about any of them. I telephoned the ones I knew existed to enquire about their work with disappointing results except for the GMRI!

The lovely Cindy Naresh made my enquiry feel really welcome & asked if the then Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Tinte Itingeang could talk to me, which he did, & very enthusiastically explained the work of GMRI. This really captured my interest. The personal contact with Cindy & Dr Tinte was key to my decision to support GMRI with a legacy.

Coincidentally, soon after, I needed some minor surgery which Dr Swee Tan performed so I was able to find out about Glioblastoma research. This furthered my interest as my cousin John had recently died of this cancer. Knowing about the encouraging trials has made me feel that I made the right decision to leave a legacy to GMRI so that people like John have an earlier chance of treatment.

If you are inspired by Helen in her role as a GMRI Guardian and wish to learn more about making a bequest and helping future proof the GMRI, please contact us at the GMRI on