Erin Paterson promoted to Laboratory Manager/Senior Laboratory Technician

Erin Paterson in the lab wearing a white lab coat, while using a microtome machine.

Erin Paterson cuts tissue sections using a microtome.

We congratulate Erin Paterson, who has been promoted to her new role as Laboratory Manager/Senior Laboratory Technician. Erin’s been at the GMRI since 2017. Over the years she’s been responsible for coordinating the cell culture programme for the GMRI tissue bank, which is vital to our research.

Learn about Erin’s previous work for the GMRI tissue bank

Erin’s new role is an opportunity to continue building on the work she’s been doing.

‘Every day is different. We could have tissues donated by patients coming in that day, or I could be checking how my experiments are performing or doing regulatory paperwork.’

She’s currently upskilling in the process of histology (studying tissues), and training the new PhD student Freya Weth to take over a project she’s worked on. She’s also getting familiar with the Lab Manager’s tasks, including regulatory requirements and management responsibilities.

Erin has taken over from Liz Jones, who recently retired. We’re very grateful to Liz for her valuable contribution over the last nine years.