Current Clinical Trials for Glioblastoma and Malignant Melanoma

The GMRI is currently conducting Phase I clinical trials on our new cancer treatment on patients with glioblastoma and malignant melanoma.

The trial treatment targets cancer stem cells by regulating the renin-angiotensin system, using a combination of commonly prescribed and well-tolerated oral medications used to treat other conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis. These medications, which have anti-cancer properties, are inexpensive and have been shown to have few adverse effects.

To be eligible patients will have:
1. Exhausted conventional treatment such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy or further treatment is no longer beneficial;

2. A relapse of their tumour;

3. Satisfied other approved eligibility criteria.

For patients residing outside the Wellington region, there will be some requirement to travel to the trial base at Hutt Hospital. This will be kept to the minimum required to ensure patient safety.

Referral can be made by either your specialist or GP.

The trials have received approval from the Central Health and Disability Ethics Committee and the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Trials (Medsafe).

For further information, please contact;
Ruth Watson-Black, GMRI Study Coordinator
Phone: GMRI mainline: 04 282 0366

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