A $1 million gift brings our glioblastoma clinical trial closer

Members of Living Options and the Hugo Charitable Trust visiting the GMRI.

Members of Living Options and the Hugo Charitable Trust visiting the GMRI. From left to right: Alison Wildey, Lorenzo Chambers, Maryanne Green, Aiobheann Monaghan, Dr Swee Tan, and Mark Owens.

We’re very grateful to the Hugo Charitable Trust for their generous donation of $1 million towards our phase II clinical trial on our new treatment for glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a severe, usually fatal, brain cancer. The Trust’s donation brings us significantly closer to starting the trial.

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Organoids provide a promising way for testing cancer treatments

Doctor Matt Munro in a lab, holding a pipette and smiling at the camera.

Dr Matt Munro is creating colon organoids from colon tissue samples to test how effective different cancer treatments are.

Dr Matt Munro is developing colon organoids to test the effectiveness of possible treatments for colon cancers. The human organoids are miniature ‘organs in a dish’, created from human tissue samples. Organoids could one day be used routinely to test new treatments and customise treatment for individual patients to improve their outcomes.

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Iron women, a mountain challenge, and butterflies —three of our amazing supporters’ stories

Two women, Emma Treadwell and Sarah Hogan, run cross the finish line holding hands high in triumph and grinning.

Sarah Hogan (right) and Emma Treadwell (left) finishing the 2022 Ironman in Port Macquarie, Australia, raising funds for our glioblastoma clinical trial.

Our ambassadors go up mountains, around countries, and push themselves really hard — for our cause, and for New Zealanders who may face brain cancer. These three stories show how wonderful people selflessly raise awareness of our research and the funding it needs. We cherish these three supporters, their amazing stories, and the many other special people who support and inspire us.

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Erin Paterson promoted to Laboratory Manager/Senior Laboratory Technician

Erin Paterson in the lab wearing a white lab coat, while using a microtome machine.

Erin Paterson cuts tissue sections using a microtome.

We congratulate Erin Paterson, who has been promoted to her new role as Laboratory Manager/Senior Laboratory Technician. Erin’s been at the GMRI since 2017. Over the years she’s been responsible for coordinating the cell culture programme for the GMRI tissue bank, which is vital to our research.

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Meet Freya Weth, our new PhD student

Freya Weth wears a white lab coat and smiles at the camera with an image of a glioblastoma organoid on her computer.

Freya Weth, looking at a glioblastoma organoid grown in the GMRI lab.

We welcome Freya Weth, who’s joining us for the next three years to complete her PhD in biomedical science. She’s received the Graham Langridge Scholarship and was ‘in complete disbelief’ when she heard the news.

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