Congratulations Matt Munro on finishing your PhD!

Matt looks into the camera. He has blue gloves on and holds a pipette in one hand and a tube in the other.

GMRI PhD student Matt Munro has recently completed his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, and we welcome him back to the team as a post-doctoral research fellow.

We warmly congratulate team member Matt Munro on completing his PhD study. Matt began with the GMRI as a research assistant in 2016. In 2017, he began his PhD study working alongside our research team. Matt will continue with us as a post-doctoral research fellow. His next project investigates a possible cause of colon cancer, under the supervision of our Chief Scientist Dr Sean Hall.

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Fundraising for the future

Dr Sean Hall stands in front of a whiteboard. He wears glasses and is speaking into a small mouthpiece.

Our Chief Scientist Dr Sean Hall talked about his work developing human organoids at a recent morning tea at Seatoun Bowling Club in Wellington.

While our researchers busily work behind closed doors, we’re fortunate to have dedicated helpers organising events where we share our research with the wider community. One such occasion was a morning tea at the Seatoun Bowling Club in February.

The event helped us raise $18,800, thanks to generous donations from local businesses and a number of people. The money will go towards our research programme and clinical trial. We’ll hold similar events in May and June.

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PhD research at two world-class facilities

Sam in white research coat sitting in front of computer. Computer screen shows slide image of tissue.

Dr Sam Siljee first came to the GMRI as a summer student. He’ll now start his PhD study investigating early changes in lung cancer.

In October last year, we ran an article about former summer student Dr Sam Siljee investigating a new low-cost treatment for keloid disorder. Sam was recently awarded a PhD scholarship by Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) for his PhD research, which will be carried out at the GMRI and VUW.

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The Phase I results are in for our glioblastoma clinical trial

Rocks are stacked from largest to smallest with golden rays of sunlight slanting past. Behind them in a soft focus, the sun sinks into the sea.

It all stacks up — results from our Phase I clinical trial suggest our treatment could improve outcomes for patients with glioblastoma.

Results of our Phase I clinical trial on glioblastoma, a severe brain cancer, show that the our treatment is safe with minimal side effects, preserves patients’ quality of life, and could extend life expectancy. We’re seeking more funding to start our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial, where we plan to treat more patients at an earlier stage in their illness.

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Transforming lives with your generous support

Close-up of two honey bees taking the nectar from flowers in a field of lavender.

We’re seeking to start our glioblastoma Phase II clinical trial. But we need more support than ever to get there.

As we prepare to commence our Phase II clinical trial for glioblastoma, a severe brain cancer, we need more support than ever. We’ve made it this far because of the generous support of many people. We’re grateful to every one of you, whether you’ve helped us as a donor, a patient, an attendee at one of our public events, or as a helpful hand behind the scenes.

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