We do ground-breaking work in areas you might not know about

Our research spans several medical conditions. Image byThisisRngineering RAEng/Unsplash.

While we are best known for our work on cancer, the GMRI team also carries out world-leading work in other fields.

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Students and interns contribute to understanding of diseases

Dr Sabrina Koh and Therese Featherston have both been involved in the GMRI’s summer student programme. Their respective experiences helped shape their career aspirations.

In addition to the GMRI’s staff and a PhD student, we take on summer students and interns every year to undertake research. In this article, we explain our summer student and intern programmes, and talk to 2 past students about their experiences.

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Our manuscripts, our heart

Reflecting on our hard work over the years. Image byLinus Schütz/Pixabay license.

Our manuscripts record the hard work of our researchers, our students and interns, and our supporters over the years. We’ve had 99 manuscripts on our discoveries published in peer-reviewed journals around the world since we moved into our new premises at the end of 2013. Our team has presented papers at over 70 international and national conferences and won a number of prizes and awards. We’ve also secured 9 international patents from our discoveries across the range of diseases we investigate. We wouldn’t be here today without the huge efforts of our people and many supporters along the way.

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Meet our pathologists — Dr Helen Brasch and Dr Bridget Chang-McDonald

Dr Helen Brasch, left, and Dr Bridget Chang-McDonald are the GMRI’s two resident pathologists.

Our pathologists often work behind the scenes, so we want to share more about their important roles in our research. ‘We are very fortunate to have in-house anatomical pathology expertise – among other things, an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of the disease tissues we are studying – an envy of many biomedical research institutes’, says Dr Tan. ‘Our pathologists’ contributions are hugely significant and fundamental to our quest for a better solution to unsolved medical problems.’

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Private donor pledging: your opportunity to make a real difference

By supporting our research, you’ll play a part in making a real difference in the lives of people suffering from cancer. Image byLina Trochez/Unsplash.

Our goals as a charity are not small — the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute exists to reduce human suffering and improve lives. You can help us to achieve our aspirations.

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