Clinical study on new cancer treatment for glioblastoma (brain cancer) shows promising early results

The GMRI uses the analogy of a beehive as an explanation for cancer. Photo byMaxime Gilbert/CC0 1.0.

Early results of our clinical trial testing the GMRI’s new cancer treatment for patients with glioblastoma, a devastating brain cancer, were reviewed at a recent independent Data Monitoring Board meeting. The Board concluded that these early results show promise in treating the disease.

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Meet Dr Imogen Roth, our new cancer biologist

Dr Imogen Roth started in February and is already working on research for the GMRI.

Imogen returned to New Zealand after a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Oxford, supported by a prestigious Nuffield Medical Fellowship. She’s happy to be back, and contributing to research science in New Zealand. Imogen wants to use her background in cancer biology and tumour suppressor genes to look closely at cancer stem cells. She already has ideas on what she can develop into experiments and projects. She loves looking closely at things to understand how they work.

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Mourning the loss of an extraordinary patron

To our great loss, one of our patrons, Sir John Jeffries, passed away in January. Sir John had long been a supporter of our work. He was generous and compassionate, and we’ll miss his guidance and encouragement.

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Nurturing the next generation of scientists

Returning summer students. From top left, these students include: Claudia Paterson, Therese Featherston, Hugo Humphries, and Sabrina Koh.

Our summer student programme is an integral part of the GMRI’s activities. Every year we welcome up to 6 exceptional students to take part in a 3-month research placement. They impress and amaze us with their ability and capacity. Some of them return for a second and sometimes third summer.

Let us introduce you to four of our returning students. And just before we do, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Lady Gillian and Sir Roderick Deane, who have supported the summer studentship programme since it began in 2013.

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Meet Peter Besseling and Carol Law, two of our amazing fundraisers

Peter Besseling has been travelling around New Zealand for the last 3 months in a campervan in support of the GMRI.

We’re always very grateful to everyone who supports and helps us in word and deed. Our biggest thanks go to the people who raise support for us with their dedication and philanthropic kindness. For example, Peter Besseling, who’s been road-tripping in a campervan covered in our paua-butterfly, spreading the word about the work of the GMRI. Or Carol Law, who’s organised fundraising events for us at the grass-roots level for the last 10 years.

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