Agreement to Progress Topical Strawberry Birthmarks Treatment

Heather Jenkinson in the lab.

Our work in understanding and treating strawberry birthmarks in children has moved a step closer to further development through an agreement we have reached with AFT Pharmaceuticals and Massey University.

We’ve agreed on how the intellectual property emerging from our research, which has shown the potential for a combination of well-known, off-patent medicines to be used in the topical treatment of strawberry birthmarks, will be managed.

It means we’ll work with AFT Pharmaceuticals to finalise the ingredients for a topical treatment and then work with them on a full medicine development programme including clinical studies.

‘Massive need’ for new strawberry birthmark treatment |

A strawberry birthmark, or infantile haemangioma, is a benign vascular tumour that grows rapidly for about a year after birth. It affects about 10% of children and is not only disfiguring but can threaten bodily function and sometimes life.

This agreement will help develop a new treatment that is much cheaper, faster, more effective, safer and with fewer side effects than traditional treatments. If successful, the treatment will be a step closer to making it widely available.

The agreement has other benefits:

  • It provides a link between our research and the practical application of that research
  • AFT will pay for some of the costs of the work we do to meet our agreement obligations
  • We will be able to further expand our research programme, by using any potential royalty revenue we receive if it results in a marketable product.