A $1 million gift brings our glioblastoma clinical trial closer

Members of Living Options and the Hugo Charitable Trust visiting the GMRI.

Members of Living Options and the Hugo Charitable Trust visiting the GMRI. From left to right: Alison Wildey, Lorenzo Chambers, Maryanne Green, Aiobheann Monaghan, Dr Swee Tan, and Mark Owens.

We’re very grateful to the Hugo Charitable Trust for their generous donation of $1 million towards our phase II clinical trial on our new treatment for glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a severe, usually fatal, brain cancer. The Trust’s donation brings us significantly closer to starting the trial.

Our phase I glioblastoma clinical trial shows promising results

Our phase I glioblastoma clinical trial shows that our new treatment is safe, with few minor side effects, and that patients maintain their quality of life during treatment. The trial included a small number of participants who had relapsed following conventional treatment and had no other treatment options available.

The results show a median increase in survival of 5.3 months. These results are encouraging, but not statistically significant because of the relatively small number of participants. We need to investigate further to confirm how effective the treatment is.

Results of our phase I glioblastoma clinical trial 

We’ll treat more patients at an earlier stage in our phase II clinical trial

In our phase II clinical trial, we’ll treat 75 patients with glioblastoma soon after their diagnosis. Patients will also continue to receive conventional treatment, which involves surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. We plan to start the phase II trial in a staggered manner once we reach $1.5 million in secured funds.

Hugo’s Chief Executive Aoibheann Monaghan says they believe in our work and the impact our research is making.

‘Swee is leading a team of researchers at the GMRI trialling a novel treatment approach to improve the life outcomes of cancer sufferers, and we back him all the way,’ she says.

This is the second donation that the Hugo Charitable Trust has made to our research. In 2018, they gave us $300,000 which we put towards our cancer research programme.

Hugo Charitable Trust’s first donation to us 

We’re very grateful to have Hugo’s ongoing support and we hope other philanthropists, trusts and donors will help us get the phase II glioblastoma clinical trial off the ground.

This timely donation coincides with Brain Tumour Awareness Month

The month of May was Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Thanks to organisations like Brain Tumour Support NZ, patients and their families have someone they can go to for free guidance and support.

Brain Tumour Support NZ website 

Find out more about the Hugo Charitable Trust donation and the GMRI’s clinical trial

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Maryanne Green founded the Hugo Charitable Trust five years ago to remember and continue the generous giving of her father, the late pioneering businessman Hugh Green.

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