Dr Bronwen Kelly BSc(Hons) Logopaedics, MSLT, PhD

Health and Clinical Researcher

Dr Kelly joined the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute as an Honorary Research Associate in 2013 and contributes to research in post-treatment outcomes in head and neck cancer.

She is an experienced public sector professional with internationally recognised expertise in health research and a strong background in managing and monitoring the performance of government investment in tertiary education, research, science and technology.

She is currently the Deputy Chief Executive and Portfolio Manager for Research & Planning Systems for Universities New Zealand (UNZ). UNZ is the representative body for all 8 New Zealand universities. 

She graduated with an Honours degree in Speech-language Therapy and Audiology (Logopaedics) from the University of Cape Town.  After several years’ clinical experience in adult health care, she completed her Masters and PhD at the University of Canterbury with a research focus on the neural control of breathing and swallowing.  Bronwen has since served as an Honorary Research Associate in the Science Faculty at the University of Auckland for several years, providing supervision of post-graduate research in paediatric feeding.

Prior to her current role she worked for the Tertiary Education Commission where she managed the contracts for Centres of Research Excellence and, as an Investment Manager, was responsible for managing the government’s investment in universities with a portfolio worth approximately $600 million annually.   She has a special interest in governance and is currently an associate member of the Institute of Directors.  In early 2015 she was invited to join the Auckland Bioengineering Institute as an Honorary Research Associate, where she contributes to interdisciplinary bioengineering research.